Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate

Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate

"Experience the "Best of Both Worlds" through Online and Real-time Learning and
Give Impetus to Your Career"

MOHAN Foundation offers a “Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate” course for health care professionals. This short-term E-learning course has been designed exclusively for candidates with hospital experience who want to pursue Transplant Coordination. The E-learning modules offer participants flexibility in learning. They can access the course at a time and pace that is convenient to them during the week. In addition, they will get to experience weekend webinars with lectures by guest speakers on key topics, review of study material, interactive sessions, and counselling role plays. It is learning that offers the “Best of Both Worlds.”


To equip health care professionals to handle the key areas in transplant coordination.

You will learn

This course mainly focuses on four aspects.
  • Living Organ Donation and Transplantation
  • Deceased Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation
  • Grief Counselling
  • Transplant Coordination

Course curriculum

  • Concepts of organ donation and transplantation
  • Legal aspects - Transplantation of Human Organs Act and Rules
  • Deceased organ and tissue donation
  • Counseling of families for organ and tissue donation
  • Multi-Organ retrieval and transplantation
  • Living donation and recipient coordination
  • National Organ Transplant Programme (NOTP)
  • Creating public awareness on organ and tissue donation
  • Ethical aspects of organ donation and transplantation

April - May 2024 batch

Veena, Gujarat

The course proved to be helpful in getting both theoretical and practical knowledge about organ donation, organ transplants and the role of coordinators.
The distribution of topics and content was well planned. M from a Non medical field but the sessions by transplant doctors are at par excellence.
Thanks to MOHAN Foundation and team to this wonderful course and hope it will be a stepping stone in my career as Transplant coordinator.

April - May 2024 batch

Mr. Arunraj, Puducherry

An excellent professionally prepared course by MOHAN Foundation. Extremely informative. Educated everything about organ donation and transplant procedures. My knowledge about organ donation has improved considerably. I wholeheartedly wish to MOHAN Foundation for offering this course.

January - February 2024 batch

Mrs. Christina Merin John, Kolkata

Within a short span of 6 weeks, the course covered all the aspects of transplant that a coordinator should know. The lectures were very informative & interesting. The questions in between the study material helped to clarify the doubts & to be clear on the topic. Overall, a concise, educative & informative course. Kindly provide a brief resource material of the course so that it can be used for future reference.

January - February 2024 batch

Dr. Govind Singh Rajput, Rajasthan

It was a great experience doing TCPC course in MOHAN Foundation. I truly say, the course content was very informative and organization of course materials were excellent. I thank MOHAN Foundation for giving me this opportunity to learn about organ donation in a very detailed way. 😀 Thanks so much 😀

November - December 2023 batch


I am delighted to share positive feedback on the Mohan foundation course. The comprehensive content and engaging format provided a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The instructors were knowledgeable and effectively communicated complex concepts. The course structure facilitated a smooth learning experience, The Mohan foundation course was excellent! It explained things really well. The lessons were easy to follow, and I liked how they made learning interesting. The website was easy to use, making the whole experience enjoyable. I learned a lot and would totally recommend this course to anyone. Thank you, MOHAN Foundation.

November - December 2023 batch

DEEPA DAS, Thiruvananthapuram

It was a great course. Firstly, the content was very informative and put across with much clarity. The organisation of course material was excellent. There was no hitch in accessing the material. Queries answered well

November - December 2023 batch


The platform needs a fair bit of improvement. It would also be very helpful if the study material could be retained for a longer time. 6 weeks is honestly a very fast-tracked timeline, and if one was to work as a Transplant Coordinator there would be a longer, smoother learning curve which could be supplemented by the excellent material you have gathered.

September 2023 batch

Mrs. Amuche Oji, Palwal, Umuahia, Abia State

“I applaud Mohan Foundation for their dedication to creating this high-quality educational experience. The Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate course took me through an enriching and transformative journey that broadened my understanding of the complexities of donation, transplantation and coordination.
The course structure was well thought-out and systematically organized. The modules were well sequenced, creating a logical flow of knowledge that was easy to follow at any learning pace. The content itself was highly engaging and very informative. The balance between theoretical and practical applications in some sections was particularly commendable. The use of videos and interactive quizzes enriched the learning process. The online platform was user-friendly and easy to navigate, which made my learning experience seamless. This course has had a profound impact on my professional growth. Not only has it equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel in my career, it has also instilled in me a deep sense of empathy and commitment towards the cause of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
I cannot overstate the value this course has added to my professional journey. My experience has been nothing short of transformative.”

September 2023 batch

Mr. Sundra SK, Banglore, Karnataka

“Thank you for your great Course. Great Presentation style with real time example which all made for really enjoyable and informative course. This has more than met my expectations and a wonderfully Practical course - both personally and professionally.”

September 2023 batch

Pooja Dogra

Overall course was very nice. All the faculty was very knowledgeable and patient. The team was very helpful in providing information regarding course and related issues. Thank you for the wonderful gesture, course and knowledge.

September 2023 batch

Mohamed Subarkhan Mohamed Kasim

I would like to extend my thanks to the MOHAN foundation of this training session. Not only was this training insightful, the handout given was also very elaborative and interesting.

June 2023 batch


Overall excellent program. I learned a lot from this course. You are wonderfully covered from the basics to advanced level. It was very helpful and useful. All the lectures’ videos are extremely good and PPT too. Thank you so much on the whole.

June 2023 batch


The course encapsulates every aspect of Organ donation and role of a transplant coordinator in a simplified manner. Indeed, a very professional and motivated team who put in their best to impart education via the E-learning forum. Looking forward to more learning experiences.

May 2023 batch

Mr.Tshering Norbu Bhutia

I am very satisfied with Mohan Foundation and also very thankful for the wealth of knowledge I gained throughout the course. I would certainly do my best to apply what I have learnt here and help as many people as I can.

March 2023 batch

Mrs. Mamata Senapati

It was my very first experience with an online course. The webinars and case studies were very helpful to understand the practical situations easily. The materials were well organised and fruitful. I appreciate your hard work to prepare such a structured lesson and to deliver the knowledge in a very attractive and useful manner. I am thankful to MOHAN Foundation for giving me this opportunity.

February 2023 batch


"Very informative and educative sessions and interactive webinars conducted during the course. Quiz after each module helped a lot."

January 2023 batch

Mr. Thiyagu Shanmugam

Very excellent course, technology has made it simple rather attending the class, good for working professional, gained immense knowledge on organ donation. Clarity in conducting the class was excellent and adorable. Thank you.

December 2022 batch

Dr. Poonam Giri

It was all a great work done. Also considering a month course and strata of students enrolled the content was very extensive and deeply clinical for non-medico students enrolled. Great brush up for doctors but I feel would be difficult for all to understand.

September 2022 batch


The subject is ever learning and ongoing study, it will be amended every time as and when new law enforces, hope that NGOs and MOHAN can request the govt to add these topics in plus two level. (I am not sure whether it is already a topic on their studies). it is good to note that MOHAN has updated the materials as per latest information and events happened. thanks very much

August 2022 batch

Mrs. Pooja Kumari

The content was very interesting and relevant. The webinar helped the participants to conceptualize the contents in a better way. Being a medical professional, we come across lot of patient who need organ donation .Earlier I didn't know what need to be done in these cases but now that I have done this course, I am looking forward to lead these patients in right direction and guidance in future. A big thanks to the team for all the effort you all have put in.

July 2022 batch

Mr. Regis Sundar

When I was searching the different knowledge improvement course in the website, this transplant coordinator course was inspired, I joined immediately. The entire course was very informative and I gained good knowledge in these entire course. This is not a course, instead of this is a life giving journey. My sincere thanks to the entire team of Mohan foundation.

April 2022 batch

Lt Col Sudha Bairavi, Base hospital Delhi cantt

It's a great honor to be a part of this course. It's truly an eye opener, despite my 22 yrs of service in armed forces medical field. I learnt a lot through this one month course.

I was a bit skeptical about this course. My main intention was to add on certificates to my Resume but after the first webinar, my views changed. This course is short and very informative, content is well organised.Last but not the least I really appreciate the quality of the study material -Lectures and PPT of eminent doctors from all over India.

I appreciate the care taken to script each lesson to our Level of Knowledge, nice explanation, and thorough knowledge of the topic, visually attractive & descriptive.

I thank each and every one of MOHAN foundation for enriching my knowledge .Hat's off to the TEAM.

In the near future I would love to be a part of your team as Transplant coordinator.

Kudo’s! Keep it up.

April 2022 batch

Mr. Subhajit Paul –

I feel grateful to have participated in this one-month transplant coordinator course. It is really very helpful for me. I had an amazing training in my life. The webinar classes were really good and explanatory. The speakers were good for all topics. I gained vast knowledge from this course. I am really thankful to the organization for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

March 2022 batch

Mr. Sawal Singh, Senior Dialysis Technician, Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore, India

After successful completion of "Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate (TCPC)”, I would like to accentuate that this broad-based course is eminently supportive for personnel allied with organ and tissue retrieval and or transplantation.

The syllabus of One Month Transplant Coordinators Training Programme (TCTP) focuses on essential aspects of Organ and tissue donation, starting from Living organ donation and transplantation, Deceased organ and tissue donation and transplantation, Transplant Coordination, and Grief Counseling. It also educate about Rules & Regulations governing live and deceased organ & tissue donation and transplantation.

Interactive webinars and case-based studies conducted by highly inspiring and experienced faculty have been of tremendous help to the candidates from both medical and non-medical background from all over the Country.

Well organized and to the point curriculum make certainly adds value to the basic qualification of the candidates by providing an insight into these complex field and enhancing job opportunities.

I am thankful to the MOHAN foundation and faculties for empowering me in this noble field. Jai Hind.

February 2022 batch

Mr. Amish Pathak, Chief of Operations, Kist Medical College, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal

Thank you Mohan Foundation for designing such a wonderful course. We were honoured to be a part of it. We also look forward for further assistance and cooperation in future with your esteemed organization. We hope with this course our team can implement the knowledge learned during this 1 month of academics.

January 2022 batch

Dr Khusboo Jain, MBA HR, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

It was an eminence pleasure to complete our 1 month course from MOHAN FOUNDATION under your guidance. The syllabus is very informative and covers all aspects. In fact, the webinars were also very informative and useful. Special thanks to you both for help and solving queries at each and every step., In fact when Mr. Ganesh was hospitalized he was ready to help me happily.

November 2021 batch

Dr. Vijaya Shree, Resident Doctor, Nanjappa Hospital, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India

It was my first and wonderful experience. Organ transplant is a unique and wonderful topic which was thought by Sujata Mam. She taught each and every topic in a comprehensive way. It was my pleasure to attend the class. I thank my hospital, teacher, and doctors for providing me this opportunity to learn something new.

November 2021 batch

Ms. Deblina Arora, Assistant Manager, Orchid Medical Centre, Ranchi, Jharkhanda, India

The course was fantastic. Helped me to learn a lot about the basics and cleared my concept.

November 2021 batch

Ms.Thungamma, Staff Nurse, Nanjappa Hospital, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India

Thank you for a great course. Great presentation style with lots of opportunities to ask questions which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course, " This has more than met my expectations.

November 2021 batch

Mr. Arul Durai, Assistant General Manager (AGM), Hand in hand India

Very sincerely I take this opportunity to thank MOHAN Foundation which has led me towards knowing the world of ‘Living Organ Donation and Transplantation’. To be genuine, I was nowhere to understand anything about the course when the first mail from MOHAN foundation was sent to me. Before the course started, I was wondering whether with the course’s four aspects of Living Organ Donation and Transplantation, Deceased Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, Grief Counselling and Transplant Coordination, that too, to be covered in one month course with 40 hours of duration is possible? When the course had begun gradually and I started listening, observing, reading, learning and absorbing the course materials, it was really an enriching experience to me personally during the past one month of the course, to know more about organ donation and transplantation. Moreover, they made it possible. Now I constructively am obliged to pen that I am now-here. No words to express except to wish that the materials and inputs were fabulous and constructive. This could be made aware of/ could be taken up to all walks of people.

July 2021 batch

Dr. Megha Thapa, Physician Assistant, Apollo medics Super speciality Hospitals, Lucknow, India

My experience of transplant coordination professional certificate has been amazing. The depth to which Transplant coordination was explained to us was very impressive. Webinars were really informative and interactive with case discussion and role playing. I am really happy to have taken this course. The faculty is really nice and inspiring. I wish to follow on their footsteps and do justice to this profession.

July 2021 batch

Vinod A.P, Clearmedi Radiant Hospital, Mysore, India

I thank all your faculty members for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this program. This program has been a wonderful experience and has helped me immensely. I am grateful to all the faculty members at MOHAN Foundation for the effort in sharing knowledge and working towards a noble cause.

July 2021 batch

Jennifer Deepak, Transplant Coordinator, Aykai Hospital, Ludhiana, India

I am truly Happy to be part of this short TCPC course and even though I’m working as a transplant Coordinator but still some of the points which were not clear to me has been made clear through this course the modules were very effective and the webinars helped to learn more practically. The best part I found knowledgeable for me was the cadaver transplant details, being a part of this course made me more confident and the MCQs present after every topic helped me to know my level of understanding. I am really thankful to my director for giving me this chance and making me learn all the concepts by a well professional trained team. I wish I could also be the part of the MOHAN Foundation E Learning Programme and be a trainer. I will try to pursue the post graduate course too in the coming year. Thankyou! MOHAN Foundation

June 2021 batch

Mr. Satish Ramesh Limbore, Medical Social Worker, Sassoon General Hospital, Pune, India

‘ORGAN DONATION A GIFT FOR LIFE’. It was a great experience to join TCPC course, I got to learn a lot of new subjects from this course. They will always be in my memory. This course is very nicely designed. There are many modules; enough resource material to read in this course. Some demo Lectures by Expert, it is very well presented. All the team at MOHAN Foundation is very nice and supportive, In the future we will benefit from this course very well, the MOHAN Foundation gave me the opportunity to learn. Thank you so much for that.

April 2021 batch

Jagdish Borude, Transplant Coordinator, Sassoon Hospital, Pune, India

The theme of this course is very beautiful and this course is really important to me as a transplant coordinator. This course covers all topics related to organ donation and transplantation. I got enough resource material for this course and all the resource persons are experts in this field. MOHAN foundation has dynamically designed this course and it covers almost all aspects of organ donation and transplantation. Thanks MOHAN foundation for having this learning opportunity as a part of training

March 2021 batch

Dr. Arup Kumar Mandal, M.Ch (Urol)
Professor, Department of Urology
AII india Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh

Frankly I was not sure how the "Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate” one-month online course would be helpful. Now on completion of the course I would like to emphasize that this broad-based course is eminently helpful for everyone associated with organ and tissue retrieval and or transplantation.

The curriculum covers almost all aspects of Organ and tissue donation, retrieval, preservation, transportation, basics of transplantation procedures, rules & regulations governing live and deceased organ & tissue donation and transplantation, grief counselling, relevant social, religious, ethical and humanitarian issues. Week-end webinars have been of utmost help to clarify doubts by interacting with the experienced faculty and experts from all over the Country.

Free and easy access to call and interact with the course coordinators, provision of printed course material and learning through case-based studies made this training complete in all aspects. Not only does it make one empowered to work as an empathetic transplant coordinator, it improves one's understanding on the concept of Human organ transplantation and acts as a social worker, motivator, educator and improves public awareness.

The faculties who conducted / coordinated the course are knowledgeable, able communicators, open minded and always eager to help. Free and unlimited access to course material during the duration of the course helps to learn at one’s own pace. I consider myself empowered on successfully completing the Transplant Coordination Professional Certificate course with MOHAN Foundation.

Next course starts on 19th August 2024

Registration open till 15th August 2024

Course at a Glance

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6 Weeks
Access to the online study materials is valid only for the training period
Total Hours
60 hours
Online Modules and webinars
Course Fee
INR 4,000 (Indian candidates) / $ 99.99 (International candidates)

Who can join

  • Doctors / Nurses / Allied Health Science graduates
  • Graduates in any subject and preferably Masters in Social Work / Psychology / Sociology / Social Sciences / Public Health / Hospital Administration with at least 6 months experience in a hospital setup

Other Professional Courses Offered By MOHAN Foundation

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Transplant Coordination & Grief Counselling
  2. Family Counselling and Conversations on Organ Donation
  3. Legal Aspects of Organ Donation & Transplantation
  4. Brain Stem Death Identification, Certification and Donor Optimization